Uses of Cinnamon

Uses of Cinnnamon - Cinnamon sticks could be used as a stir stick

Cinnamon Tea or Coffee - Put a whole stick of Cinnamon into Tea or Coffee and taste the difference of your cup. The Cinnamon Sticks is recommended as each 5 inch stick could be used to stir and gradually release the naturally flavour to your cup.This is the best way to vary the cinnamon flavour in your cup of tea or Coffee depending on individual reference

Cinnamon Ornaments

Making your own Christmas ornaments from Cinnamon sticks

  • Purchase your 5 inch Cinnamon sticks Cinnamon Sticks online
  • Tie several of them together with a metallic garland.
  • Thread a red or green ribbon through the garland, tie a loop with a bow, and hang the cinnamon ornaments on your Christmas tree.
  • The room will be filled with the fragrance of fresh Cinnamon .

Cinnamon Flowerpot

Cinnamon Flowerpot - A few sticks of Cinnamon should be secured around the flowerpot. This would change the appearance of the pot and freshen the fragrance of the room .Measure the length of the sticks you require and we will supply you Cinnamon Sticks.

Cinnamon as an Insect repellant

Just insert a Cinnamon Stick into the Cleaning Bottle and clean your pantry or Kitchen for the natural fragrance to fill your room. This will also act as an natural insect repellant. Buy one pound of Cinnamon Sticks online.