Ceylon Cinnamon Tea

Ceylon Cinnamon Tea naturally good for you - shipped worldwide from Ceylon.

In the Middle Ages, having Cinnamon in ones home was a status symbol for Europes elite. Combining spicy cinnamon with a full bodied Ceylon tea in ones home is equally as prestigious.

One of the oldest known spices, Cinnamon is native to Sri Lanka (Ceylon) where it thrives in the hot moist climate. Cinnamon is naturally sweet with a delightfully spicy fragrance due to the essential oils found in its bark.

To create our Sweet Cinnamon teas we've combined the finest Cinnamon and teas from Ceylon. The resulting Ceylon Cinnamon Tea is a spicy delight with an irresistible aroma.

We offer three unique blends of Cinnamon tea in pyramid shaped bags

1. Pure Cinnamon Tea

Dru Era is the only company in the world that offers 100% pure Ceylon Cinnamon is a pyramid shaped tea bag.

2. Cinnamon and Green Tea

Dru Era offer a unique blend of Cinnamon with Sencha Green Tea. This delightful tea is mainly consumed for weight loss.

3. Cinnamon and Black Tea

A blend of Dimbula Orange Pekoe tea with Cinnamon make a full bodies tea that could be enjoyed hot of chilled.

Sweet Ceylon Cinnamon Tea makes a great after dinner beverage and goes well with fruit and pastries. Brew a big pot and the wonderful aroma will make your home seem warmer on even the chilliest night.

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