Spice Up Your Health with Cinnamon Sticks

Your search for high-quality fresh Cinnamon sticks ends here; our finest quality and freshly harvested Cinnamon sticks are shipped worldwide directly from Sri Lanka. These cinnamon sticks are fresh, aromatic and ideal for cooking.

Ceylon Cinnamon Sticks

These are also known as cinnamon quills, or �pipes� and are slim, and of uniform thickness, color, and quality. Their edges are neatly joined in a straight line and look like a tight roll of golden brown multi-paper. These sticks are segregated in seven grades by their diameter. These seven grades of Ceylon cinnamon sticks range from, as thin as a pencil, to the handle of a baseball bat. You�ll be to find the highest grade of Ceylon Cinnamon called Alba marketed on our website.

Carefully Packaged

The Cinnamon sticks are cut to 7 inches in size and packaged in cylindrical transparent food grade jar. We also market sticks individually cellophane wrapped as Gourmet Cinnamon Sticks so that they could be marketed in cafes as a stir stick to transform a tea or coffee in to a natural Cinnamon flavored brew.

Some Features of Ceylon Cinnamon Sticks

Here are some features of the sticks we provide:

High on Quality

The sticks marketed by us is the highest grade of Cinnamon sticks called Alba.

Sweet Flavor and Subtle Aroma

Our Cinnamon sticks have a sweet flavor and a more subtle aroma as compared to other sticks which are readily available. The farmers in Sri Lanka grow the Ceylon cinnamon without any artificial inputs and as such they are more delicious with a delicate aroma.

Perfectly cured and individually wrapped

Research says that you should prevent essential oil loss to preserve the aroma of the Cinnamon sticks. Our premium grade of cinnamon sticks are marketed as Gourmet Cinnamon Sticks and each stick is individually wrapped in cellophane to preserve the aroma.

Ideal Length and Thickness

Our Cinnamon sticks are cut to 7 inches in height the perfect length to sit as a stir stick in a cocktail glass, cup of tea or coffee.

Why Should You Use Ceylon Cinnamon Regularly?

There are many benefits of Ceylon Cinnamon, and some of them are as under:


Ceylon cinnamon has many health benefits. It has been observed to be helpful in Type-2 diabetes. Its consumption is also known to reduce the levels of �bad� cholesterol in the body. If you are having symptoms of Alzheimer or Parkinson, its regular use may help you in fighting the ailments.


They protect the body from oxidative damage which the free radical may cause. It has polyphenols which are a power antioxidant. In a comparison of 26 spices for the level of antioxidant ranked first.

Prevents Many Diseases

Its medicinal capabilities help to avoid many diseases and infection. You can benefit in lowering sugar levels, bacterial and fungal infections, and neurodegenerative diseases. It is anti-carcinogenic as well.

Adds Taste

Its sweet flavor makes your recipe sweeter and as such you could reduce the sugar in all your recipes. You can brew tea; add to ice-cream, stew, drinks or even pancakes.

Only use �True� Cinnamon Sticks

Not all Ceylon Cinnamon sticks are the same and safe for consumption. The Cassia variety contains a high level of �Coumarin� and may cause liver damage in sensitive patients. Ceylon Cinnamon is safe for consumption as it contain 1250 times less Coumarin than Cassia. Our Ceylon Cinnamon is shipped worldwide within days of harvest and could be used for up to 2 years from purchase.

Our Ceylon Cinnamon sticks are hand made and shipped worldwide within days of harvest pure and straight from source Ceylon.