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“First class service,it is so simple to write but the true.”
by (NSW, Australia)
“Excellent service ”
by (FL, United States)
“Delivery was very fast ”
by (United Kingdom)
“First class all round.”
by (FL, United States)
“Have been using this product for over a year now and it does really help lower the A1C. It did mine.

Just ordered another years supply. Give it a try and see how it helps.”
by (ON, Canada)
“The ordering process was easy and was ok...bit of a hassle having to pay duty and delivery which i thought was included in the total price. turned out to be an expensive learning experience”
by (TX, United States)
“Y'all are awesome, love the Ceylon cinnamon capsules! ”
by (ON, Canada)
“it`s lovely ...I thought it was too mild, but, I`ve been baking with it and such and it`s guys are great!”
by (FL, United States)
“Love the Ceylon cinnamon!”
by (United States)
“I have used the Ceylon-cinnamon for several years. I take 3 per day which works to help my maintain my sugar levels. I have been a diabetic for many years and my doctor recommended the Ceylon-cinnamon. ”
by (CA, United States)
“I will buy from Ceylon again and again. I was totally amazed by the delivery time. I am greatly satisfied with the product and services that I received. I remember when it arrived I thought to myself how astonished I was in the time of order and the time of receipt. "it was so quick!"”
by (NY, United States)
“My delivery was quick. I was very satisfied and will order again. ”
by (Singapore, Singapore)
“Fuss free transactions and user friendly website. Admin contacts through email once order and payment are confirmed. Very well packed. ”
by (MD, United States)
“This shipment does not have the cinnamon flavor I remember from what I ordered in the past.”
by (NC, United States)
“You have the best service I have ever encountered. My husband LOVES your cinnamon toothpicks. He started keeping them with him when he quit smoking. They have served him well.”
by (Northern Ireland uk, United Kingdom)
“It's a brilliant product
And very well packed and sealed with screw on lid.
The delivery time is fast just 3 to 4days to I'm and northern Ireland

Would highly Recommend this Company .
by (United States)
“Great product and great service!”
by (MT, United States)
“Great delivery time.”
by (Co Mayo, Ireland)
“I like the quality of the cinnamonI receive, its just for personal use.The service and customer response is always good.”
by (TX, United States)
“Good price, good product and I got free shipping! Can't beat that.”