Ceylon Cinnamon Toothpicks made from Cinamon wood

Cinnamon Toothpicks Keep You Hygienic and Healthy

Ceylon Cinnamon Toothpick, as the name suggests, is a by-product of Cinnamon. The branches of the Cinnamon Tree are processed to make Cinnamon Quills or Sticks. The outer bark is peeled off and is used to produce “Cinnamon Oil.” The inner bark is used to make “Cinnamon Sticks.” The Real Cinnamon Toothpicks are then made from the remaining part of the inner bark.

Possess Anti-Septic Properties

The Cinnamon toothpicks are soft and are antiseptic in nature. They are good for health in many ways. They also protect against any fungal growth in the between the teeth. The raw material for our Ceylon Cinnamon toothpicks are sources from the most fragrant cultivars.

Good for Dental Hygiene

Regular usage of cinnamon toothpicks helps you maintain good dental hygiene. People are very conscious about using products which they can use safely in their mouth, especially tooth and tongue. The things that you insert in your mouth need to be hygienic, and should be able to keep it fresh. Cinnamon toothpick is exactly what you need.

Instills Good Habits

Good health habits keep us safe from many bacterial infections and diseases. With regular use of cinnamon toothpicks, you can stay away from the bad habit of not washing your mouth properly after meals. If you are addicted to nail-biting, use cinnamon toothpick and the habit will gradually subside. When you use them in the table of your living room, it indicates that you are health conscious.

Prevent Tooth Decay

The medicinal properties of cinnamon toothpicks are effective against tooth decay. Their regular use keeps your gums healthy and gives you a fresh breath. You can chew a real cinnamon toothpick for hours, and you’ll see its benefit gradually.

Use Them against Smoking

Smokers have a problem of bad breath, and the bad smell and smoke taste remain in their mouth for long. If you want to get rid of smoky smell, try using cinnamon toothpicks two to three times in a day.

Controls over Eating

If you have a problem of eating too much that is above normal, it may make you obese and overweight. To help you control this habit, you can use cinnamon toothpicks. It is a natural way to fight obesity.

A Fresh Scent

The cinnamon toothpicks have the natural cinnamon essential oils. It helps in cleaning the teeth slowly and gradually. The regular use fills your mouth with fragrance and keeps the bad breath away. You can feel the fresh aroma of cinnamon while and after using cinnamon toothpicks.

Order Now

With so many benefits, Ceylon cinnamon toothpicks are a must have for your living room. The Cinnamon Toothpick are packed in ten vacuum sealed bags. The bags are air tight and as such the toothpicks could be used for up to 2 years from purchase. You can also buy a cinnamon toothpick holder to hold cinnamon toothpicks in your pantry. Getting one is just a click away