Faq About Ceylon Cinnamon

1)What is Ceylon Cinnamon ?

Ceylon Cinnamon is the inner bark of the Cinnamomum Zeylanicum tree which in indigenous to Ceylon. Zeylanicum is the Latin word for Ceylon. An alternative scientific name for Ceylon Cinnamon is Cinnamomum verum , which simply translates as " true cinnamon."

2). Why is it called Ceylon Cinnamon ?

Because this species of Cinnamon is indigenous to Ceylon and over 90% of global demand is serviced from Ceylon. (Sri Lanka)

3). Why is Ceylon Cinnamon preferred over Cassia ?

Cassia contains more than 1250 times coumarin than Ceylon Cinanmon. Coumarins are naturally occurring plant components that can have strong anticoagulant properties. Because our blood needs to maintain its ability to coagulate in times of injury, excessive intake of coumarins over a prolonged period of time can pose health risk. The Federal Institute for Risk Assessment in Berlin, Germany have recommended that large amounts of the Cassia Cinnamons be avoided.

4). How do I know whether the Cinnamon is authentic Ceylon Cinnamon ?

Please click this link to our web page that will assist you to identify Ceylon Cinnamon from Cassia

5). What are the other names for Ceylon Cinnamon?

Aka Real Cinnamon, True Cinnamon, Mexican Cinnamon, Dutch Cinnamon and Sweet Cinnamon