Ceylon Cinnamon Supplements For Easy Consumption and Good Health

Ceylon Cinnamon supplements provide numerous health benefits. The antioxidants present make it an excellent choice for therapeutic use. Our Ceylon Cinnamon products are shipped directly from Ceylon, i.e. Sri Lanka the home of real Ceylon.

Available In Various Forms

Ceylon cinnamon can be consumed in several different ways. You can use Cinnamon in stick or powder form as well. You can also consider the use of Ceylon cinnamon supplements. Ceylon Cinnamon supplements offer an easy alternative to get the best of real cinnamon in your diet. The loose powder form of the Ceylon Cinnamon is not suitable for consumption as a supplement because of non-uniformity of dose and the varying granularity of the particles. The encapsulated form of real cinnamon supplements as available at out online store is recommended as it maintains the granularity and encapsulated its medical properties.

Uniform and Correct Dosage

Researchers and health specialists maintain that if you are using the encapsulated Ceylon cinnamon, just ensure that its dosage is uniform and the originality is protected. The Ceylon cinnamon supplements we provide are tested for particle size and moisture content to assure you of the right dosage. Besides, there are many other tests which are conducted on the powder before it is encapsulated. The final product is tested again to check for the uniformity of the dosage.

High on Customer Satisfaction

We have been serving our clients worldwide since 2005, and they have savored the best Ceylon cinnamon which is shipped directly from Sri Lanka. We don’t use any anti-caking agent or flow agent in the production process. Thousands of our customers from all across the world have recommended us online via their customer reviews due to our commitment to provid authentic Ceylon Cinnamon products from source.

Sourced From Trusted Places

Our commitment to providing the highest quality products is visible from the fact that we source only from farmers that don’t use any artificial inputs during growing and processing. Further, our Ceylon Cinnamon retains all the essential oils at its optimum levels as it is shipped immediately after harvest.

Plenty of Health Benefits

The encapsulated Ceylon cinnamon supplement is packed with many health benefits. For those who have been diagnosed with Type II Diabetes, or are borderline diabetic, Cinnamon can be significantly useful in regulating the blood sugar. It also protects you from many infections and harmful disease-causing bacteria. Researchers say that half-a-spoon of cinnamon for a month or two can:

Health Benefits of Ceylon Cinnamon Supplements

Packaged For Optimum Benefit

Our products are packaged for maximum benefits. They are an easy way to add “true” Ceylon cinnamon to your diet. Every sealed bottle contains real cinnamon that is sufficient for two months’ supply. There 240 capsules in the bottle and each capsule has 250mg of cinnamon in it.

Easy To Order

Buying authentic Ceylon cinnamon supplement was never this easy. We have a dedicated customer support team which is ready to help you, no matter in which part of the world you are. Just get in touch at:

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WebMdSOURCE: Kahn, A. Diabetes Care. December 2003; vol 26: pp 3215-3218.

Dec. 5, 2003 -- A spicy tip: Cinnamon can improve glucose and cholesterol levels in the blood. For people with type 2 diabetes, and those fighting high cholesterol, it's important information.

Researchers have long speculated that foods, especially spices, could help treat diabetes. In lab studies, cinnamon, cloves, bay leaves, and turmeric have all shown promise in enhancing insulin's action, writes researcher Alam Khan, PhD, with the NWFP Agricultural University in Peshawar, Pakistan. His study appears in the December issue of Diabetes Care.

Botanicals such as cinnamon can improve glucose metabolism and the overall condition of individuals with diabetes -- improving cholesterol metabolism, removing artery-damaging free radicals from the blood, and improving function of small blood vessels, he explains. Onions, garlic, Korean ginseng, and flaxseed have the same effect.

In fact, studies with rabbits and rats show that fenugreek, curry, mustard seeds, and coriander have cholesterol-improving effects.

But this is the first study to actually pin down the effects of cinnamon, writes Kahn. Studies have shown that cinnamon extracts can increase glucose metabolism, triggering insulin release -- which also affects cholesterol metabolism. Researchers speculated that cinnamon might improve both cholesterol and glucose. And it did!

The 60 men and women in Khan's study had a diagnosis of type 2 diabetes for an average of 6 1-2 years but were not yet taking insulin. The participants in his study had been on anti diabetic drugs that cause an increase in the release of insulin. Each took either wheat-flour placebo capsules or 500 milligram cinnamon capsules.

  • Group 1 took 1 gram (two capsules equaling about one-quarter of a teaspoon) for 20 days.
  • Group 2 took 3 grams (six capsules, equaling a little less than one teaspoon) for 20 days.
  • Group 3 took 6 grams (12 capsules, equaling about one and three-quarters teaspoons) for 20 days.

Blood samples were taken at each level of the study.

Cinnamon made a difference! Twenty days after the cinnamon was stopped, there were significant reductions in blood glucose levels in all three groups that took cinnamon, ranging from 18 to 29%. But these was one peculiar finding that researchers don't understand at this point. Only the group that consumed the lowest level of cinnamon continued with significantly improved glucose levels -- group 1. The placebo groups didn't get any significant differences.

Taking more cinnamon seems to improve the blood levels of fats called triglycerides. All the patients had better triglyceride levels in their 40-day tests -- between 23% to 30% reductions. Those taking the most cinnamon had the best levels.

In groups taking cinnamon pills, blood cholesterol levels also went down, ranging from 13% to 26%; LDL cholesterol also known as bad cholesterol went down by 10% to 24% in only the 3- and 6-gram groups after 40 days. Effects on HDL (good cholesterol) were minor.

Cinnamon should be part of our daily diet -- whether we have type 2 diabetes or not, writes Kahn. However, for the best effects, just a sprinkle isn't enough.


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