Coumarin in Cinnamon

By Ceylon-Cinnamon | 19th November 2016

Cinnamon is a widely used spice especially known for its unique flavor and aroma. From time immemorial, this spice may be indispensable from the kitchen; however, there are chances that you have... Read More

Cinnamon & Health

By Ceylon-Cinnamon | 16th October 2016

Cinnamon is a highly aromatic spice that has been used in cooking for ages. Made from the inner bark of trees named Cinnamomum, this spice not only adds flavour to the food, but also positively... Read More

Ceylon Cinnamon for Diabetes

By Ceylon-Cinnamon | 8th October 2016

Being a diabetic, your life is a little more difficult than an average human on this planet. Sugar cravings? A voice in your head shouts, ''NO" only to your utter frustration. Insulin? Ah, where did... Read More

The Comfort of Cinnamon

By Ceylon-Cinnamon | 7th August 2015

When you think of Cinnamon, what comes to mind? Momma's traditional apple pie? Crisp fall evenings with spicy pumpkin pie? Or perhaps an indulgent breakfast of coffee and cinnamon buns dripping with... Read More

As A Weight Loss Supplement

By Ceylon-Cinnamon | 7th July 2015

You don't have to be a professional chef to know that cooking should always involve spicing. All spices offer a variety of benefits, not to mention key flavour (and very few calories) to every meal.... Read More

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