Grades of Cinnamon

By Ceylon-Cinnamon | 8th December 2016

Cinnamon is one of the most popular spices in the world, yet most misunderstood. The value of true cinnamon is often underestimated, and people across the globe settle for not-so-real cinnamon. This is unfortunate; however, the brighter side of the story is that true cinnamon is now easily available online.

In an attempt to raise awareness about the wonders of cinnamon and the information surrounding this wonder spice, we have yet another post talking about the grades of Ceylon Cinnamon.

Fewer people in the world know that cinnamon quills are categorized into four grades. This grading has been done according to the Sri Lankan grading system because cinnamon origins is in Sri Lanka.

Grades of Cinnamon:

  • Alba - the highest grade of Ceylon Cinnamon is marketed as Gourmet Cinnamon by Dru Era
  • Continental
  • Mexican
  • Hamburg


Alba cinnamon is about 0.24inches in diameter. It is the most expensive grade of Ceylon cinnamon and is considered to be the purest. To identify Alba cinnamon, you must know that this grade of cinnamon is known for its brittleness and is slender. It marks a soothing fragrance infused with sweetness with a pungent flavor. We market the Alba grade as Gourmet Ceylon Cinnamon


Continental grade of Cinnamon is 0.63inches in diameter. Continental is a commonly used grade of Cinnamon. It is further divided into six subgrades namely, C00000 Special, C00000, C0000, C000, C00, and C0. Out of these, C00000 Special is considered to be the best and the thinnest. The second highest grade of Ceylon Cinnamon is C5 special which we market as Ceylon Cinnamon Sticks


Mexico is one the largest importer of this grade of Sri Lankan cinnamon, and this Mexican cinnamon is the main ingredient of major Mexican dishes. Mexican Cinnamon has a woody aroma. Wise Geek suggests that Mexican cinnamon has a delicate flavor that is sweet and warm, often with a soft citrus notes. It is less than 0.75inches in diameter. It is further divided into three categories namely, M00000 Special, M00000, and M0000. In Mexico, this grade is usually called Canela.


Hamburg cinnamon is less than 1.3inches in diameter. This grade is further divided into three categories namely, H1, H2, and H3, H1 being thicker and darker and H3 being coarse.

This grading system divides the cinnamon and categorizes them according to quality. True cinnamon is hard to find in local stores. If you want to experience the flavor and various health benefits of real Ceylon cinnamon, order it online from our Dru Era. We have a wide range of Ceylon Cinnamon products that is shipped worldwide. Explore our cinnamon store and buy the purest Ceylon Cinnamon Sticks direct from source Ceylon.

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