Cinnamon & Sugar Cravings

By Ceylon-Cinnamon | 8th February 2017

Do you have a sweet tooth? You need to stop your sugar cravings in order to lead a healthy life they say.

Sugar becomes an addiction once it starts appealing your taste buds. This interesting video by the University of California Television, Sugar- The Bitter Truth, thoroughly explains how sugar plays with your bodily functions.

Nowadays most of the things we buy contain sugar in one form or the other. The processed foods have increased our sugar consumption unknowingly to us to alarming levels leading to the obesity epidemic.

What is it that you and I can do about it?

Everyone will tells you to cut on sugar, but, is it really that easy?

Well, no! It isnt.

However, there is a possibility of replacing sugar with something better and less harmful. We are not talking about artificial sweeteners because they are even worse than natural sugar.

Ceylon Cinnamon is your answer. You have often used cinnamon to flavor your dishes at home. However, did you know that you can use this wonder spice as a sugar substitute?

How it works

In order to outsmart your sugar cravings, you need to keep sugar at bay for a considerably long period. Your taste buds adjust to it, and consequently, you will encounter lesser or no sugar cravings. Your taste buds need to start savoring various complex flavors during this period to be able to stay away from sugar cravings.

Beating Sugar Cravings with Cinnamon

There are many uses of cinnamon. While consumption of cinnamon is known to control blood sugar levels, this wonder spice is helpful in controlling your sugar cravings too. Cinnamon delays the passing of food from the stomach into the intestine. Hence, you feel satisfied for a longer time and eat less

It beats the addiction of sugar due to its mildly sweet flavor that acts as a sweetener.

When you use cinnamon as a sweetener, it balances your blood glucose levels. This results in lower insulin secretion and thereby, lesser craving for more sugar.

Cinnamon is a perfect spice to add to your diet program for weight loss and sugar cravings control.

Be careful what you choose

Cinnamon is definitely a precious spice. However, every precious thing has duplicates. In cinnamon's case, there are primarily two types of cinnamon- Cassia and Ceylon. The one you find in stores is usually the cassia cinnamon.

Cassia has its benefits too, but it is not good for controlling sugar cravings because of its strong spicy flavor.

The one you need to look for is Ceylon that is often considered as real cinnamon or true cinnamon.

Where to buy Ceylon Cinnamon?

You wont get it in the food stores near you. Ceylon cinnamon is a rare spice and is produced almost exclusively in Sri Lanka. If you are willing to buy Ceylon, you can explore our store at Dru Era. We ship the finest cinnamon across the world within days of harvest from Sri Lanak ( Ceylon ). Dru Era is the number one brand for Ceylon Cinnamon in the world with a 5 star customer rating sine 2005.

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