Ceylon Vs Cassia

By Ceylon-Cinnamon | 31st January 2017

Popular since biblical times, Cinnamon is a wonder spice that has many health benefits associated with it. Not just health, Cinnamon also tastes really great.

While there are many uses of cinnamon, there are two types of Cinnamon that most consumers are unaware of.

Source of Cinnamon

Cinnamon is extracted from a tree called Cinnamomum found originally in the forests of Sri Lanka. (Ceylon) It is basically the inner bark of that tree that is spice we call Cinnamon. The inner bark of Cinnamomum is dried. Once dried, it curls and becomes the cinnamon quills. These quills can also be ground and sold as a powder.

Ceylon vs. Cassia

Primarily, there are two types of Cinnamon- Ceylon and Cassia.


The most widely used cinnamon is cassia. This is what we usually find in the food stores. Cassia is a cheaper type of cinnamon. It is made from Cinnamomum aromaticum-trees in China, Vietnam and Indonesia. Cassia is also called Saigon Cinnamon and has a thick and rougher texture.

Cassia has a very strong and spicy flavor and is used in various medicines as well. While it is healthy, consuming cassia in large quantities has its side effects due to the high Coumarin content.


Ceylon, on the other hand, is the real form of cinnamon. Over 90% of the trees that produce Ceylon cinnamon is found in Sri Lanka ( Ceylon ).

Ceylon is softer in texture and its color is tan-brown instead of dark brown. Its flavor is citrusy and mild. Ceylon Cinnamon it is great to add sweetness to tea or desserts.

Ceylon cinnamon is comparatively much more expensive due to its scarcity.

Benefits of Ceylon Cinnamon

From being anti-microbial to anti-inflammatory and a cholesterol controlling agent, Ceylon cinnamon is a wonder spice. It is known to control diabetes. It reduces blood sugar, cholesterol, and triglyceride levels by as much as 20%. Ceylon cinnamon is also helpful in Arthritis. Explore various other health benefits of Ceylon cinnamon in this post.

Buy Ceylon Cinnamon

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